Bespoke bedrooms by Treemark in Nottingham

At Treemark we will work with you in order to create a storage solution that will not only be of a unique style and configuration, but made to fit the exact dimensions of your space. With wardrobes that stretch from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, even in the most awkward shaped rooms. Inside,  storage space is maximised, making room for innovative range of storage solutions that are chosen with you and tailored by us to your precise needs. Then, when it comes to fitting, we will further tailor the wardrobes to your room, cutting and scribing the frames so they fit neatly into every  space.

The result is a beautifully designed bedroom with more storage space than you might think. At Treemark we can provide spaces you never thought you had.

Classic rustic home styling

At Treemark, furniture is created to meet your specifications. We are at complete liberty to move with the styles and materials of the time, or source vintage materials to suit traditional styles. 

Increased demand for furniture inspired by René Mackintosh, the 'arts and craft' movement and Shaker furniture styles for the home, has contributed to the development of our ongoing and flexible design programme from traditional classics to modern contemporary work.

A wide range of sustainable hardwoods

FSC and PEFC certified hardwoods including oak, maple, tulipwood and iroko are just a few examples of the timbers we use from sustainable sources, in line with our ongoing commitment to the environment.

For completely original and authentic furniture for your home, please call Treemark Traditional Furniture & Kitchens Ltd on  

0115 979 1303